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A short report on INTERMEASURE 2022 held at Tokyo Big Sight

Taking counter measures against the corona virus, INTERMEASURE 2022 was held from 14-16 September 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Convention Center) as one of the exhibitions of “HAKARU, SHIRABERU Forum”, a comprehensive exhibition related to measurement, inspection and sensor with concurrently held exhibitions: Japan Inspection Instruments Manufactures Show, SENSOR EXPO JAPAN and SUBSEA TECH JAPAN. Over 20,000 people in total visited the forum.

INTERMEASURE 2022, aiming to showcase the latest technologies and products of exhibitors in R&D, design, manufacturing, quality management, healthcare as well as eco-friendly and/or energy-saving energy, was officially opened by a remark by Mr.TANAKA Giichi, President of JMIF, followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Mr. Tanaka delivering a speech at the opening ceremony

Unfortunately, the spread of the corona virus affected the number of exhibitors both from home and abroad. However, the total of 64 major measuring instrument manufacturers, related companies and universities exhibited at the INTERMEASURE 2022.

Exhibitors’ booths, many of which displayed new products and technologies, reflected the industrial and social trends. Visitors were busy walking around them one by one.

Seminars and Presentations
Along with Legal Metrology Seminar and The Japan Measurement Standards Forum organized by NMIJ (National Metrology Institute of Japan), also technical presentations by exhibitors as well as academy plaza presentations were made for visitors.
As a special seminar in cooperation with the GENERAL INCORPORATED ASSOCIATION PHR (Personal Health Record) COUNCIL, “The future of the measuring instruments to be led by lifetime PHR” by Dr. YAMAMOTO Keiichi was delivered.

Dr, Yamamoto delivering a presentation

PR event for students and new recruits
On Sep.15, JMIF held a PR event of the measurement industry for university students and new recruits for measuring instrument manufacturers. The event started with a seminar.
Dr. SHIMIZU Yukiko from NMIJ presented about infrared thermometers and measurement standards. Participants listened to the lecture attentively.
After that, they joined a small exhibition tour, a valuable opportunity to observe various measuring instruments closely for participants.

Special Exhibition Corners
In commemoration of the JMIF’s 70th anniversary, 30 JMIF member companies joined the panel exhibition to show their SDGs initiatives.
JMIF also prepared an exhibition corner of measuring instruments for health such as a weighing instrument for wheelchairs, blood pressure measuring devices and body composition monitors, under the theme of “prolonging healthy life expectancy by measuring”. Also, handbooks, which promote appropriate use of devises such as thermometers, blood pressure measuring devices and body composition monitors and kitchen scales being used at home properly were distributed to visitors.

Special exhibition corner for devices for healthcare

Next INTERMEASURE is planned to be held in September 2024.